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Your company’s real estate holdings constitute a huge capital investment. With Schneider Downs’ engineering-based cost segregation studies, you can maximize your real property’s financial return by generating significant cash flow savings.

Our cost segregation analysis generates cash 税 savings by carving out shorter-lived assets (qualifying for 5-, 7- or 15-year write-off periods) that are normally imbedded in a building’s construction or acquisition costs (generally depreciated over 39 years).

  • Our consultants will “mine out” these buried 税 savings from:
  • New buildings presently under construction.
  • Existing buildings undergoing renovation, remodeling, restoration or expansion.
  • Purchases of existing properties.
  • Office/facility leasehold improvements and “fit-outs.”
  • Post-1986 real estate construction, building acquisition or improvements where no cost segregation study was performed (even though the statute of limitations previously closed on the property construction/acquisition year).

Enjoy the windfall for real property constructed or purchased in a prior 税 year or for proprety constructed or purchased in the current 税 year.

You now have a valuable opportunity, courtesy of the IRS, if you constructed or purchased real estate in a prior year but did not have a cost segregation study performed. An IRS procedure now allows you to deduct depreciation amounts that you are legally entitled to, but did not claim (e.g., due to erroneous property classification as a 39-year depreciable building) entirely in the 税 year in which you complete a study.

Our cost segregation consultants possess the engineering expertise and the necessary 税 compliance skills to permit you to accelerate 税 depreciation deductions, reduce 税es and increase your cash flow through our cost segregation studies. For more information on Schneider Downs 房地产 Cost Segregation bet9平台游戏, contact us for our brochure or complete the Cost Segregation Benefit Analysis form.

Which industries does Schneider Downs Cost Segregation bet9平台游戏 benefit?

  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Commercial Rental Property
  • Corporate Office Buildings
  • Distribution Centers
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Hotels and Motels
  • 制造业 Facilities
  • Mixed-Use Property
  • Multi-Family Residential Property
  • Restaurant Facilities
  • 购物中心
  • Strip Mall Center Shops

Additional Tax Credits and Incentive bet9平台游戏

About Schneider Downs Tax Advisors 

With one of the largest regional 税 practices in the country, Schneider Downs Tax Advisors’ personal focus on clients and in-depth understanding of current issues ensures that clients are complying with 税 filing requirements and maximizing 税 benefits. Our industry knowledge and focus ensures delivery of technical 税 strategies which can be implemented as practical business initiatives. 欲知详情,请浏览 税务bet9平台游戏.

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