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Business Restructuring and Turnaround Services

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We specialize in mapping the course for financially distressed companies and guiding their way to profitability.

Financial troubles are often invisible until the company has a serious cash-flow deficit and/or has violated loan covenants. Schneider Downs Business Restructuring and Turnaround Services applies its depth of management and financial experience in workout situations and determine what actions need to be taken. This assistance can be critical in keeping the troubled company’s focus on serving its customers, while resolving its internal problems.

A turnaround situation demands immediate attention to problems arising from the client’s customers, lenders, trade creditors, employees or competitors. The utmost confidentiality must be maintained to protect the market image of the company throughout this time. From experience, our team understands the effort required to help a company through the crisis. Our depth of management enables us to address many problem areas simultaneously.

Stages in Corporate Restructuring and Turnaround Services

  • Analyzing and altering operations to be more cost-efficient
  • Developing a restructuring plan that meets the long-term goals of owners and management, while also satisfying the short-term needs of creditor groups. This stage requires an in-depth analysis of asset utilization, current cash flow demands, and future cash flow needs for funding day-to-day operations, as well as capital expenditures
  • Negotiating with various creditor groups to gain support for the continued operation of the company
  • Reconfiguring the debt of the company to minimize cash required for servicing the debt, and redirecting cash flow to company operations during the reorganization phase
  • If necessary, replacing existing creditors with debt from financial institutions that specialize in financing for distressed companies
  • Assisting management in meeting goals defined in the plan and agreed to by all concerned parties. This stage often involves the sale of divisions, subsidiaries or other assets to improve the liquidity of the company

About Schneider Downs Business Restructuring

The Schneider Downs Business Restructuring team provides clients with award-winning consulting services in the areas of management consulting, corporate restructuring and debt financing. Additionally, our experience includes having acted in the capacity of Court-appointed Receiver, Examiner and Trustee. Learn more about our Business Restructuring services.

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